I Will Call You Soon

I will call you soon

Nowadays everyone says, “You just give me a miss call & I will call you soon” because everyone has unlimited call plans.  I remember a time, until few months back when I would call my relatives, my aunty would pick up the call as soon as possible to avoid call charges. Or for that matter even if my friends would miss my call, they would wait for the person to call back & keep the phone close to them so that it is not missed again. Also we would wait for a Wifi Zone to switch on our whatsapp so that the data pack is saved for leisure & important messages only.

I will call you soon

Call You Soon – But when?

Earlier, when I would call my aunty she would call her family members close to her stating that I have called him. They all would gather in the same room & the scene would be like her sons holding their phones in hand, daughter in laws would sit there & continue chopping the vegetables till their turn would arrive. Even the puppy in the house was made to Bhow Bhow , Tinu, Minu, Papa, Mummy, Grandmother, Father, Servant, everyone would talk.

Call You Soon – Actually Happen

But just yesterday when I called she disconnected my call stating & followed by a message I will call you back. Late evening she returned my call where she mentioned she was busy then doing her daily house hold chores. Now, since she has free time hence she thought of returning my call. When I asked about the whereabouts of her family all were busy in their room & carrying on the daily work.

Call You Soon – But Calls are Awaited

I had to later on call bhabhi & her kids separately to speak to them which hardly lasted for a minute or so. So finally, its call unlimited but it has lost the charm of speaking to family at large.

Call You Soon

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